YOU DON’T want to forget about this on your WEDDING…

Sometimes things just get left out….

Inglis-Newmarket-Stables-Banner-BannerWhen planning a wedding most people think of the key basics such as the: Photographer, the dress, the cake, the venue and the guest….Oh and sometimes the husband to be…

Sometimes things just get left out, or simply just aren’t thought about.

I work in a very creative field and well sometimes, in fact MOST of the time I have couples coming to me and asking two weeks prior to their wedding…” OH MY GOSH, my husband and I only just found out that the company supplying the marquee aren’t providing us with any lighting can you help us? PLEASE PLEASE

At this moment I smile and I say “Of course I can“.

It’s interesting how people never think about LIGHT, it is something that is taken for granted and there is never an expectation of anything great or usually referred to as “fancy”.


Well I’m asking the question, “why not?” I work a lot in theatre and lighting is almost as important if not more important than the set. It creates mood, atmosphere, a sense of time, temperature, and most importantly it submerges the audience into the show.

Well why not a little can light can go a long way, for instance it will make you stand out, because it should be all about you, it helps your photographer capture you in the best light possible. TIP: Photographers on average cost twice as much than any technical production element at your wedding.  So lets give them the best chance possible to capture the best shots of you and your closest friends and family. 6.jpg

Your photographer will agree when I say this…. YOUR PHOTOS WIlL POP!  That’s right for use of a very indy word…. but they will, they will jump out of the page and be full of depth. Any photos your guests take will also look amazing.

Let’s move ahead in time, your official things have been done, you have cut the cake, had a little dance with your “new man” and well the mood can change… Well with a flick of a switch your whole venue can transform. Why not have a bit of colour, a bit of fun. There is no point in getting the best DJ or the best Band and to have them playing in your ordinary flat white light….. Lure_nightclub_hollywood_nightclub_promoters_20150102.jpg

I’m going to end this post by saying that, it’s not acceptable to light up at someones wedding however it is more than fine to light up your own wedding…

If you are planning your wedding and you would like a little help putting it in the right light, contact me today and we can start talking.



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